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Windows 98

"Hey kid! Wanna use a REAL operating system?" the stranger barked, flicking his toothpick to the curb. You just stare in confusion. "Well?" he asks more softly, sensing you were not feeling it. You've heard legends of 98, how it would Blue Screen hourly, or how it would perform 'illegal operations' without your consent, yet something draws you to linger in this moment with the stranger. "Look kid, this thing keeps things contained; holds all the chaos inside one of those pandoras boxes if you will," You nod along, understanding the fundimentals of how sandboxing protects the data you care about. "So?" he asks, clearly losing patience, but not allowing himself to become aggressive. You swollow hard and click the link to https://github.com/liudonghua123/windows98 and select the package that fits your setup and begin the journey of a lifetime...

Jam Out!

Here are some songs for you to listen to while you wonder what happened to the good old days of the internet. Where did all the Geocities go? The forums? The personal fanpages people would create? Those were the days...